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Top 5 women who totally rocked in a sari in 2014

We think style is about more than just fashion. It is about presenting oneself with flair, exhibiting a verve for colour and appreciating the manner in which clothes, accessories and hair all work together to present a truly unique appearance. And nothing is more difficult to pull off than a sari. Described as 'a world of meaning in a single piece of cloth', the sari encapsulates the beauty, adaptability and personality of India's most iconic garment. The multifunctional sari is used to "filter out smog, carry keys, wipe a table, lift a hot vessel, wipe sweat and protect one's modesty" whilst at the same time being used as a garment for seduction, passion and flirtation and to rock the red carpet. Here we present the 5 women who totally rocked in a sari in 2014.

5 women who totally rocked in a sari in 2014

  1. Miriam Clegg
  2. Seema Anand
  3. Ritu Sethi
  4. Mary Nightingale
  5. Dame Kelly Holmes

Ritu Sethi

Ritu Sethi is a solicitor and senior partner at The Sethi Partnership and Solicitors in Eastcote, Middlesex, where she undertakes criminal litigation work. She is a Solicitor and an Officer of the Supreme Court. She was the presenter of the 'Chai with Ritu' programme on Sky TV from October 2006 until January 2007. This was a series of 13 programmes which Ritu hosted on the British Asian journey featuring people from all walks of life. Ritu has won many awards and is a frequent guest on radio discussing legal issues. She recently launched her own motivational book 'Having it all NOW!' on juggling work life, spirituality and everything that life has to offer.

Apart from wearing the business suit, Ritu is most often seen in the ubiquitous sari. In 2013, she rocked up Park Lane in London to attend The Asian Awards in a dazzling red sari drawing admiring glances and much accolade for the iconic photograph. But this is no one-off, Ritu has the commanding presence and ease which allows her to rock in a sari.