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Do you wish you were good at multi-tasking? Do you want to be amazing at juggling work and family life? Well, that’s expected of working women isn’t it? How can you balance it all – have a successful career at the same time as being that perfect wife, lover, mother, friend…? Having It All Now teaches the basic strategies for approaching all areas of life with the perfect balance, so you can achieve success in every area you choose.

A Woman’s Guide To 'Having It All Now!'
  • Wheel of life

    Learn about the 7 different sections of your life, and how to bring balance to each area without compromising success in one for another.

  • 80% rule

    Stop feeling guilty about not performing over the call of duty and achieve magnificent success by applying the 80% rule to all of your endeavours each and every day.

  • Diet & Wellbeing

    Achieve success without sacrificing your physical and psychological health – use the momentum of completing projects to actually improve your wellbeing, not draw from it.

  • A True Insight

    Discover secrets of how you really can HAVE IT ALL NOW, with personal stories of success in pursuit of ultimate happiness.

How can a woman have it all now?

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Customer reviews

Ritu Sethi writes with honesty and passion to her readers. She reveals her true self, challenges, mishaps and her triumphs. She shares her personal and professional experiences fearlessly to let people know that it is all about learning and not worrying if you make mistakes.

Ritu Sethi, in person, the most down to earth, bold yet elegant woman. 'Having It All Now' truly is an inspiring journey for women. The book is well structured and an easy yet informative read. Well Done Ritu, you do us women PROUD.

I found the book to be a wonderful interpretation of many well known psychologies whilst providing grounding contributions from the author herself. 

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An award winning Lawyer, Business Woman & Author plus a regular speaker on law & business throughout the UK.

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